Student Life

Real High School Drama

Real High School Drama by Grace McCormick High school is full of drama, especially in the auditorium. The department of theater requires effort from its students, demanding that they memorize lines and blocking, build their own sets, make their characters come to life and submit themselves to the audition process. “When I walk in for… Read More Real High School Drama

Student Life

Rethink Dress Code

Rethink Dress Code by Alex Farmer One day, I came to school wearing one of my favorite shirts. It was a shirt depicting Albert Einstein, smoking a pipe that emitted rainbow-colored smoke. I strolled confidently into the cafeteria, only to have an administrator tell me that I had to change my shirt because it “sponsored… Read More Rethink Dress Code

Student Life

Giving Back

Snider High School has a strong and long-standing tradition of being a source of charity work and giving back to the community. Throughout the year the school holds numerous fundraisers for different charities. Snider does pink-outs at football games to help raise money for breast cancer awareness. The Student Council holds charities for Riley Hospital… Read More Giving Back

Marching Band

Mighty Panther Marching Band: The Captivating Culture

Mighty Panther Marching Band: The Captivating Culture by Grace McCormick   “First you imitate, then you innovate,” said famous jazz trumpetist and composer, Miles Davis. Innovating is exactly what the Mighty Panther Marching Band has been doing during the entire band season. They have improved their score at every competition and they earned a gold rating… Read More Mighty Panther Marching Band: The Captivating Culture