Hate the Debate: Candidates do not deliver clear messages

Hate the Debate by Kaleb McCague In the United States, decisions are made by those who are elected and each of us has the ability and an obligation to stay informed when it comes to electing candidates. Last night, Donald J. Trump and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton squared up for

Celebration Revelation by Billy Heller

For some bizarre reason, football players love to celebrate. After many plays you can easily see football players pouring emotion and creativity into their celebrations. However, recently it has turned into a major problem in both college and the NFL. Both leagues have had to create rules specifically aimed at

Pantherland HOCO

Students spent their Sunday afternoon showing off their creative talents decorating and beautifying the Snider hallways. The theme for this year was Board Games: freshmen had Life, sophomores had Monopoly, juniors had Sorry, and seniors had Candyland, pictured above. Seniors won the judging followed by the juniors, then the sophomores.

Virtual Reality Potential

Virtual Reality Potential  by John Anderson   Imagine being able to walk through the Pyramids, or being god-like and meddling with the orbits of planets with your hands, or even watching a Shakespeare play as it happens. Impossible in reality, but virtually it’s all possible. Virtual Reality has the potential to revolutionize