Am I Doing This Right? Walking.

By John Anderson We’ve known how to walk since we were kids, sure, but that doesn’t make us expert walkers. And this isn’t even going to tell you the proper way to walk, and what gives you the most time/step efficiency or anything. Just simply: How.To. Walk.   In the halls, or the streets, countless

Trump is President-elect: We must all come together now

By Kaleb McCague Donald J. Trump is now going to be the 45th President of the United States of America. No one saw this coming; only a few models showed Trump winning and the majority of those models were heavily scrutinized. The American public has been less than enthusiastic. Riots and

No Longer Speechless at Snider

By Jessica Badyna & Grace McCormick The speech team has made a bold comeback from its previously dormant state. Mr. Thomas J. Pabst held the position of head speech coach from 1970 until 2007. He worked with assistant coach, Mr. Frederick Douse from 1988 to 1991 and with part-time assistant coach, Stephen

Rethink Dress Code

Rethink Dress Code by Alex Farmer One day, I came to school wearing one of my favorite shirts. It was a shirt depicting Albert Einstein, smoking a pipe that emitted rainbow-colored smoke. I strolled confidently into the cafeteria, only to have an administrator tell me that I had to change my

Giving Back

Snider High School has a strong and long-standing tradition of being a source of charity work and giving back to the community. Throughout the year the school holds numerous fundraisers for different charities. Snider does pink-outs at football games to help raise money for breast cancer awareness. The Student Council holds

Coaches still wrecking NFL kickoff rule

Coaches still wrecking NFL kickoff rule | Jack James  Coaches in the NFL are not fond of the new kickoff rule in the NFL, which puts a touchback to the 25-yard line instead of the 20-yard line. This rule, which is supposed to help with the number of injuries, is doing

Mighty Panther Marching Band: The Captivating Culture

Mighty Panther Marching Band: The Captivating Culture by Grace McCormick   “First you imitate, then you innovate,” said famous jazz trumpetist and composer, Miles Davis. Innovating is exactly what the Mighty Panther Marching Band has been doing during the entire band season. They have improved their score at every competition and they earned

The Third Presidential Debate: The 2016 Nightmare is Almost Over

The Third Presidential Debate: The 2016 Nightmare is Almost Over and Not a Moment Too Soon By Kaleb McCague There are 19 days left until we elect a new President of the United States. The candidates, Donald J. Trump and Hillary Clinton, faced off in the last of the three equally disgusting

All or Nothing: Snider Marching Band State

This Saturday the Snider Mighty Panther Marching Band travels to Lawrence Central High School to compete in state competition against 15 other bands for the title of state champions, and the opportunity to perform at Lucas Oil Stadium. Only the first place band will receive this honor, while all other