ISSMA Solo & Ensemble Contest

Snider instrumental musicians had a great day at the ISSMA Solo & Ensemble Contest Saturday at Carroll High School.  Members of the bands and orchestras earned 80 gold medals and 11 silver medals.  Ten soloist and five ensemble qualified for the state competition in Indianapolis on February 25. Earning Silver medals

From Digital to Physical, Webcomics.

From Digital to Physical, Webcomics. By John Anderson As the internet finds its place in real world culture, real world items find their place in the internet culture.Comic book shops were once the place for those who loved comics, uncontested. Now people await online comics and graphic novels, on websites, reading it

Virtual Reality Potential

Virtual Reality Potential  by John Anderson   Imagine being able to walk through the Pyramids, or being god-like and meddling with the orbits of planets with your hands, or even watching a Shakespeare play as it happens. Impossible in reality, but virtually it’s all possible. Virtual Reality has the potential to revolutionize