Wanted: Minority Teachers

By Alex Farmer & Andrew Davis  "We have more in common than the things that separate us," Mr. Ray Sims, health teacher, said. Most say that there isn't much racial inequality anymore – and they are right, for the most part – but there is still a shortage of minority teachers in

Snider Courtyard

By Drew Furman The courtyard in the middle of Snider was previously used as a collaborative area for students to come together, work on projects and enjoy the outdoors. Today; however, the courtyard lies abandoned and in ruin, useless and forgotten. Despite being the center of Snider High School, the courtyard

V.P. Candidates Debate and Deliver

V.P. Candidates Debate and Deliver by Kaleb McCague The 2016 Presidential Election has been dominated by two characters who have engaged in one of the most personal and polarized campaigns ever. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have eclipsed the political spectrum since day one of their campaigns and have not yet

Banned Books: Not Band Books

In the United States, citizens have the inalienable right to say, to a far degree, whatever they choose. Their unique choice of words can be published, and can be distributed to a far degree. Libraries, the epicenter for the distribution of knowledge, reserve the right to not have or distribute