Snider DECA State Competition

Snider DECA went to state competition on Sunday March 5, 2017. Of the 69 total members, 35 completed regionally and 29 qualified for state. At state there were nearly 2,300 Indiana students. The team of Chance McKibben and Nathan Gidley finished in the top 10. Adam Veeley finished 2nd overall

Exploring Your Options at Snider

Exploring Your Options at Snider Snider realizes how mundane sitting in a classroom for seven periods a day is, and gives students multiple ways to get away from regular academics. If you have a free period, these are some options you can take and an idea of what’s in store for

JA Essay Contest

Congratulations to Erica Dishong and Mr. Crum J Erica was in Mr. Crum’s 1st Period Careers class last semester. She submitted an essay to the JA Essay Contest based upon her career choice which is to become a “Mental Health Counselor.” Erica’s essay was selected by the committee and Erica has won

Real High School Drama

Real High School Drama by Grace McCormick High school is full of drama, especially in the auditorium. The department of theater requires effort from its students, demanding that they memorize lines and blocking, build their own sets, make their characters come to life and submit themselves to the audition process. "When I

No Longer Speechless at Snider

By Jessica Badyna & Grace McCormick The speech team has made a bold comeback from its previously dormant state. Mr. Thomas J. Pabst held the position of head speech coach from 1970 until 2007. He worked with assistant coach, Mr. Frederick Douse from 1988 to 1991 and with part-time assistant coach, Stephen

Rethink Dress Code

Rethink Dress Code by Alex Farmer One day, I came to school wearing one of my favorite shirts. It was a shirt depicting Albert Einstein, smoking a pipe that emitted rainbow-colored smoke. I strolled confidently into the cafeteria, only to have an administrator tell me that I had to change my

Giving Back

Snider High School has a strong and long-standing tradition of being a source of charity work and giving back to the community. Throughout the year the school holds numerous fundraisers for different charities. Snider does pink-outs at football games to help raise money for breast cancer awareness. The Student Council holds

Snider Makerspace: Setting Trends

Snider Makerspace: Setting Trends By John Anderson   Snider is leading a trend in Makerspace, a place where students can take their creative ideas and turn them into reality.   Schools and libraries across America are putting Makerspace on campuses. Students spend hours in these rooms, trying to get projects finished or to make a

Beyond Pink and Blue: What to Say, What to Do

Beyond Pink and Blue: What to Say, What to Do By: Jess Badyna In recent years, we have seen more exposure to the LGBTQ+ community, and more people becoming comfortable expressing their identities. With the emergence and awareness of non-heteronormative sexualities, there is also another aspect which is vastly different, but just