The Third Presidential Debate: The 2016 Nightmare is Almost Over

The Third Presidential Debate: The 2016 Nightmare is Almost Over and Not a Moment Too Soon

By Kaleb McCague

There are 19 days left until we elect a new President of the United States. The candidates, Donald J. Trump and Hillary Clinton, faced off in the last of the three equally disgusting and extremely personal debates. I must say that I was hoping Trump would bring his best to the last debate and perhaps address his dismal poll numbers. That did not happen, and the third debate was only a small improvement from the first debate and it felt as though I was watching a re-run of the first debate.

The same antics were used. Trump accused Clinton of lying constantly, Clinton used her same scripted lines against Trump and used the current claims of sexual assault against him to show that he truly doesn’t “respect” women. Chris Matthews moderated the debate and did a wonderful job doing so; he held the candidates to the questions and pushed for answers while keeping the interruptions to a low level.

Many topics were discussed, but most of the answers did not correlate to the questions and it was not impressive to watch. In some defense, Trump and Clinton did not interrupt each other as often as they did in the first debate, but Trump did utter the word “wrong” more than a few times in response to Clinton’s answers.

There was much less enthusiasm for this debate, especially on social media. Many people are absolutely fed up with this election season and are simply ready to vote and move on.

November 8th is close and whatever happens will happen (contrary to what Trump thinks). Those who vote need to make sure they are informed about their candidate, and if neither appeals to the voters they should simply write in a name or vote third party. If you are registered to vote, do not stay home on election day. Make sure that your voice is heard.

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