Trump is President-elect: We must all come together now

By Kaleb McCague

Donald J. Trump is now going to be the 45th President of the United States of America. No one saw this coming; only a few models showed Trump winning and the majority of those models were heavily scrutinized. The American public has been less than enthusiastic. Riots and protests have littered our cities and anti-Trump rhetoric has exploded on social media.

Hillary Clinton conceded the race, and during her 12 minute speech she told her supporters and the American people that they owe Trump an “open mind and a chance to lead.” She could not be more correct. This country is more divided at this moment than in many years past. President Obama ran on bridging the divide between people and has fallen short on doing so, even though it is unreasonable to think that one man can solve all the problems in a country.

We must now focus on coming together as one nation. There are no alternatives. Donald Trump may be the last person we could want to bring people together, but as Clinton said, give Trump a chance. The rioting will not change the outcome of the election or do anything to move Trump out of the White House.

We as Americans have to realize that the things that unite us are much stronger than the things that divide us. We as a people believe in freedom, opportunity for all, fairness and a peaceful world. We should come together, move past the election and let the transition move forward.

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