Snider Courtyard

By Drew Furman

The courtyard in the middle of Snider was previously used as a collaborative area for students to come together, work on projects and enjoy the outdoors. Today; however, the courtyard lies abandoned and in ruin, useless and forgotten. Despite being the center of Snider High School, the courtyard is now the least cared for – and the least visited – area in the school.

Students want areas to go during lunch instead of the cafeteria. The courtyard is a perfect place for students to relax after eating their meals. Opening the courtyard would address the overcrowding of the lunch room and free up seats in the cafeteria.

Another application for the courtyard would be as a medium of transportation for students. Crowding often occurs in the hallways surrounding the English and math classes, as those are the most saturated classrooms. Opening the courtyard would allow separate routes to other ends of the school that have not been previously available, providing a significant decrease in choke points of the school.

Students incentives could include various uses of the courtyard. Good behavior in class could be rewarded with a class trip to the courtyard. Time spent there could be used for reading books or studying in a different environment from the traditional classroom.

Additional classroom learning opportunities in nature would offer students a chance to work on physical applications of math problems, scientific demonstrations and reading projects. The change in scenery would break up the monotony of the school day and thoroughly engage students.

The courtyard is a valuable resource for students that is currently wasted. These applications of the courtyard would bring life back to an important part of the building and would benefit both teachers and students. The courtyard could return as an integral part of the Snider school day.

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