V.P. Candidates Debate and Deliver

V.P. Candidates Debate and Deliver by Kaleb McCague

The 2016 Presidential Election has been dominated by two characters who have engaged in one of the most personal and polarized campaigns ever. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have eclipsed the political spectrum since day one of their campaigns and have not yet left the limelight. Both candidates claim to have a strong vision for the future, yet neither of them delivered their vision clearly at the first Presidential debate. The same is not true for the recent Vice Presidential debate though.

Tuesday night, something happened that truly rocked the political arena. Indiana Governor Mike Pence and former Virginia Governor and current Virginia Senator Tim Kaine sat at a table and, aside from their political insults and rhetoric, they actually discussed the important issues. Both discussed how they and their running mate plan to help fix the economy and bring jobs back to the United States.

The candidates also discussed how to fix the immigration system and openly discussed illegal immigration. The candidates also talked abortion, the death penalty and how faith has influenced their lives both personally and politically.

Mike Pence and Tim Kaine were both equally guilty of insulting each other and each other’s running mate, though. Polls from CNN after the debate showed that viewers felt that Kaine attacked Pence and Trump more than Pence attacked Kaine and Clinton. The poll also found that Pence was a more likable candidate overall. Viewers also felt Kaine was more keen on the issues, but only my a small majority.

Pence’s performance was more reserved and he did not react to Kaine’s constant insults. Kaine was not as reserved, and interrupted Pence many times during the debate, but was mainly respectful to Pence. Pence showed himself as a formidable figure and a great potential for President if the task were to fall to him. Kaine came across as scripted and rude as he used Trump-style antics to insult both Pence and Trump.

In my view, as a moderate-minded Republican, Pence topped Kaine overall, but Kaine’s performance was better than the performance of both Trump and Clinton at the first debate.

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