Celebration Revelation by Billy Heller

For some bizarre reason, football players love to celebrate. After many plays you can easily see football players pouring emotion and creativity into their celebrations. However, recently it has turned into a major problem in both college and the NFL. Both leagues have had to create rules specifically aimed at excessive taunting and celebration, which can escalate far enough as to get the players ejected from the game. In the NFL many players are also fined for their actions, but most seem to not mind the $1,000 or so coming out of their 100 million dollar contracts.

But their actions can cost more than just a monetary amount. Some players decide that they want to celebrate before the play is even made. Only three weeks into the college football season there have already been multiple instances of players dropping the ball in major moments of games. Players that are on national championship candidate teams such as Clemson, Florida State, and Oklahoma have all done this already this season. One player from Georgia Tech attempted to hand the football to a referee before taking a kneel down on the kickoff. He was tackled, lost the ball, and lost seven points for his team. Other players are even losing their whole seasons to injury while celebrating. Last year two NFL players tore their ACLs while celebrating, ending their seasons.

Coaches and officials need to do more to show players, especially young kids, that this behavior is unacceptable. This is not to be confused with no celebrating and no fun in football. That is allowed there is just a specific time for it. Ohio State has a very general rule that after a score the player will hand the ball to the official, and go hug a lineman. This is a simple and easy way to avoid careless mistakes.

Some fans of the game may argue that the celebrating is a huge factor for fan enjoyment, and after all the game is worth nothing without the fans. While this is very valid, the fans have numerous other options for enjoyment and fan celebrations have no limits other than the law. They will be perfectly fine with enjoying the game as it is. They would be much happier enjoying a touchdown versus having to watch a boneheaded mistake ruin the game

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