Coaches still wrecking NFL kickoff rule

Coaches still wrecking NFL kickoff rule | Jack James 

Coaches in the NFL are not fond of the new kickoff rule in the NFL, which puts a touchback to the 25-yard line instead of the 20-yard line. This rule, which is supposed to help with the number of injuries, is doing just the opposite. Since this rule has been implemented at the start of Week One in the NFL season, the number of touchbacks in games has dropped drastically, as coaches are not too keen of the extra five yards opposing teams will gain from a resulting touchback. This new rule change is all part of the NFL’s attempts to make kickoff plays much safer, as many serious injuries have resulted from them in recent years. However, it seems the NFL and the teams are headed in the wrong direction, and they are getting the opposite effect from these recent rule changes.


Like the NFL, some argue that these new rules are on the right track, something has to be changed about kickoffs. It is claimed that these plays are dangerous because of the high-speed impacts that occur between teams, and that these hits have to be lessened. But, the kickoff is great as it is now, except for the 25-yard line rule. In the past, teams have had no problem kicking touchbacks because they felt the opponent got the ball at a just spot. Ultimately, teams wanting to kick touchbacks eliminates collisions on kickoffs, solving the NFL’s dilemma.


The NFL should change the rule back to the 20-yard line. Everything went smoother for everyone when touchbacks felt fair to both teams and high-speed collisions were not as prominent in the play.

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