Play down the touchdown

Play down the touchdown

By Charlie James

Ohio State is one of the top college football teams in the country, so when their football program has certain rules, it is a wise idea to follow them.

One of the new trends sweeping through college football is one where a player purposely drops the ball as soon as he gets to the end zone, a cocky celebration as if to show that scoring was nonchalant and easy. Ohio State does not have this problem because they have specific rules when it comes to scoring a touchdown.

J.T. Barrett describes this policy when he says, “When you score, you hand the ball to an official and you go hug a big guy. That’s the rule.”

This rule is put in place to assure that new premature celebrations are made, and it is right that football teams should have rules when it comes to celebrations and touchdowns.

With rules like these in place, players can be sure the touchdown will stand, and they will not get celebration penalties. Some players disagree with these rules because it limits what they can do after they score, and many players have personal celebrations they want to use to express themselves. But is something as simple as a celebration worth costing the team a touchdown, victory or even a championship?

Penalties caused by celebrations can be a game changer, and could be the deciding factor between victory and defeat. Is a cocky celebration worth it?

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