Hate the Debate: Candidates do not deliver clear messages

Hate the Debate by Kaleb McCague

In the United States, decisions are made by those who are elected and each of us has the ability and an obligation to stay informed when it comes to electing candidates.

Last night, Donald J. Trump and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton squared up for the first Presidential Debate. Not only was it the most interesting and most personal debate ever in the 56 years of debates, the debate was also a complete mess on both sides.

The country was presented with two candidates who are the most disliked candidates in the history of favorability polls. Trump has been called multiple names by both his opponent and her supporters. Clinton has also been degraded by Trump and his supporters. Both went after each other last night and exchanged blows. This form of politics is not new, but has escalated to a level never seen in United State’s politics.

The 2016 Presidential Election is somewhat equivalent to having a colonoscopy: you have to have it, but no one wants it. The United States faces many important issues today that cannot be solved with simple answers. The candidates have done an inadequate job discussing their ideas and plans for the future. The substance of their plans are almost non-existent and without real plans for the future, this country will be in real jeopardy. Hopefully, the next debates will be more policy focused and less personal and the American public can actually look forward to voting on November 8.


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