Snider Youtuber, Kevin Gillespie

Snider Youtuber, Kevin Gillespie by Grace McCormick


My YouTube name is TheGameMeister.

My YouTube channel is an archive of the streams that I do when I can.

The videos are streams of games I play. I use the channel and stream to complete games and communicate with the people who join in watching my live videos.

Currently I have 64 videos uploaded, 1,172 views and 47 subscribers.

The channel has been around for a little over two years, but all the recent activity has been in the past two to three months.


The inspiration for the channel was simply that I enjoy playing games, interacting with people online and helping people have fun.

It means a lot to me when someone says they enjoy my content or that they are having fun. The purpose of my channel is to entertain a wide variety of different gamers and it’s nice to know that my purpose is following through.

I don’t really have a favorite famous YouTuber. If I had to pick it would be Markiplier, but I am growing away from a lot of content. I think that happens often in the field of YouTube, which makes it difficult to be small and successful.

With my YouTube channel I am hoping to keep it active as the school year persists. The issue with this goal is the fact that school and having a job is not friendly to this hobby. It takes time and commitment.

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