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Exploring Your Options at Snider

Exploring Your Options at Snider

Snider realizes how mundane sitting in a classroom for seven periods a day is, and gives students multiple ways to get away from regular academics. If you have a free period, these are some options you can take and an idea of what’s in store for your semester.

Snider Intern

Help the school administrators out and become an intern. This period will be spent doing easy tasks like helping set up events, or changing decorations in the hall, and handing out slips to students.

Snider Intern Andrew Kline said he is responsible for setting up the calendars found in the hallways, and other menial tasks. It’s an easy job for anyone with an open period. Kline doesn’t believe it will necessarily provide qualities needed in the future, but it’s still an excuse to get away from the classrooms.

Library Media

Do you know the Dewey Decimal System? Get ready to learn it if you don’t. A library assistant is required to learn that so they may properly return books and help other students find their book of choice.

Ms. Heiges is the “teacher” for Library Media, and encourages anyone who loves to spend time in a library, or loves reading and having knowledge on the intricacies of a library’s innerworkings to sign up. A library assistant will be tasked with learning the Dewey Decimal System, sending out computer carts to their designated classroom and making book displays.

Be ready for tests and an understanding of the workings of the library. Ms. Heiges makes sure her students are trained to operate the library. “The library is like a business, after all,” Ms. Heiges said.

If you take Library Media you can expect to benefit with qualities that can help you in life, particularly if you plan to work in a library or any job involving organization or displaying products.

Peer Tutoring

Go to any school in FWCS to help out the children with their daily activities. This two period class is perfect for people striving to be teachers, or doing work with children.

Emily Walls is a Peer Tutor for Glenwood and recounts some of her favorite times being a peer tutor as “seeing the kids do the most innocent acts of kindness for other kids.”

As a Peer Tutor your task will be to help the teacher with small assignments, and helping the kids with any questions or disagreements. Walls says this will teach patience to any Peer Tutor. As for grades, you will be graded on how well you did daily and you will have to make mock lessons to turn in.

“Definitely easy,” Walls said.

Student Teaching

Take a period to help out a busy teacher with clerical activities and errand-running. It’s a great experience if you are interested in teaching, since you’ll get a third person experience of what a classroom is like.

The basic day will include fetching papers, or helping teachers with other requests. Your grade will depend on how well you do these tasks.

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