Snider DECA State Competition

Snider DECA went to state competition on Sunday March 5, 2017. Of the 69 total members, 35 completed regionally and 29 qualified for state. At state there were nearly 2,300 Indiana students. The team of Chance McKibben and Nathan Gidley finished in the top 10. Adam Veeley finished 2nd overall

Real High School Drama

Real High School Drama by Grace McCormick High school is full of drama, especially in the auditorium. The department of theater requires effort from its students, demanding that they memorize lines and blocking, build their own sets, make their characters come to life and submit themselves to the audition process. "When I

Ms. Walker Found Her Way through the Ring of Fire

By John Anderson Snider is not unfamiliar with the Lilly Endowment Program; five teachers from Snider have won the grant so far and Ms. Jennifer Walker is the newest member of the club. With her money she pursued her passions and went to the Galapagos Islands. It was an experience she

Competition Unparalleled

Competition Unparalleled by Jacob Ridenour On Tuesday, September 28, history was made as grown adults got together at the edge of the Snider parking lot to duel like men do: parallel parking between four cones with an arbitrary point system and totally-not-biased judges. Why did these seemingly reasonable adults, teachers even,