Am I Doing This Right? Walking.

By John Anderson

We’ve known how to walk since we were kids, sure, but that doesn’t make us expert walkers. And this isn’t even going to tell you the proper way to walk, and what gives you the most time/step efficiency or anything. Just simply: How.To. Walk.


In the halls, or the streets, countless people aren’t doing it right. They stop randomly, or they fill up the entire hall or just don’t walk on the right side. This is America; we live our lives on the right side. I won’t say you’re not American if you consistently walk on the left side of the hall, but…


Imagine you were in a car, and saw something pretty. Would you brake as hard as you could and just park there while you look at it? No! Yet, people do it – on foot. You won’t get in a serious crash and go to the hospital if you randomly stop while walking, but you’ll annoy the person behind you and might cause them to drop something.


Imagine you’re in a car again, in pretty heavy traffic. You’re taught to keep a two-car distance between the car in front of you, not a 10 car, or half a car distance. Keep up with the person ahead of you, and if you’re the leader make sure you’re going at a good pace. Foot traffic can get pretty heavy in Snider, especially at the stairs of D and C hall, so don’t go slowly  and don’t leave huge gaps.


And to the speedsters who weave in and out of people: I know you’re trying to be fast because you can, but it’s annoying and you often bump into people with or without realizing it. If you see an obvious gap, or if the person in front of you isn’t keeping pace, then go ahead, but there’s no need to pass everyone. If it’s nearing the end of the passing period and you’re running late, there shouldn’t be as much traffic in the halls anyway.


The halls are also the meeting points for friends; some just stop at a locker and talk, which is fine, and some walk together to class. The halls can usually fit two people in a row on each side, accounting for people at the lockers. They can’t fit more than three people in a row, without causing the other “lane” to have to bend to your posse. Just walk behind each other, or figure out a method that doesn’t impede the other lane.


It may be weird, but the key to walking efficiently and simply is to pretend you’re a car. Anything you know you shouldn’t do in a car, you shouldn’t do when walking. Of course, the consequences for doing it in a car are much worse than walking, but the point still stands. If you already do this, you’re doing it right!

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