Lili Brown: Wearing Everything From Gowns to Hand-Me-Downs

When shopping for clothing, most of us go to department stores with the goal of bringing back brand new apparel. Contrary to the majority, junior Lili Brown favors sketchy thrift stores, one of which smells like cigarettes. Lili searches for one-of-a-kind clothes. Her favorite article of clothing is a sweater she found at Salvation Army that… Read More Lili Brown: Wearing Everything From Gowns to Hand-Me-Downs


Fahrenbach Fashion

Fahrenbach Fashion by Grace McCormick In the hallways of Snider, students are often seen sporting letterman jackets, Converse, Vans, high waisted jeans, leggings, hi-low tops or graphic tee shirts. Junior Quinn Fahrenbach does not dress like the average student. She wears a  children’s Lowe’s apron on special occasions; shiny metallic shoes are worn often; a… Read More Fahrenbach Fashion

Student Life

Pantherland HOCO

Students spent their Sunday afternoon showing off their creative talents decorating and beautifying the Snider hallways. The theme for this year was Board Games: freshmen had Life, sophomores had Monopoly, juniors had Sorry, and seniors had Candyland, pictured above. Seniors won the judging followed by the juniors, then the sophomores. Freshmen took fourth place. The… Read More Pantherland HOCO