Snider speech team wins best results of season, takes home several awards

The Snider Speech team ready for competition! The Snider Speech team earned their best results of the season on December 13th at DeKalb High School, facing off against the toughest competitors of the area. Senior Bonnie Kissinger placed sixth in November prose, junior Victor Song placed second in varsity impromptu and first in varsity informative and freshman Cade Wilson placed

Understanding the effects and reality of childhood trauma

Many people around the world have experienced childhood abuse in many forms including sexual, mental, emotional and physical abuse. To lessen its seriousness, many people joke about post-traumatic stress disorder with jokes about how traumatizing a test was, or how a ticket printing at a restaurant made them have flashbacks to working their first job.  Trauma as a child can be

Red for Ed rallies shed light on standardized testing, teacher pay

On Tuesday, November 19, 2019, over fifteen thousand supporters of public education travelled to the Indiana State Capitol in Indianapolis to advocate for changes within the state’s public schools. Numerous teachers from Fort Wayne Community Schools attended the event to represent the state’s largest school district. Schools within the district were closed on Tuesday due to the large number of

Censorship in Today’s America

As the U.S.-China trade war is in the flux, another conflict is unfolding with China that is changing our morals and threatening our freedom of speech.  On October 4, 2019, Houston Rockets manager Daryl Morey tweeted a comment that would have unforeseen implications.  In his tweet, Morey expressed his support for the Hong Kong protests that are currently fighting against authoritative China for democracy. The comment, however, did not sit well with China. For months, China has

Dear Senior

By Katrina Griffin  Q: Do kids Juul in the bathrooms?  A: Yes, students do actually Juul in the bathrooms, even though it is against school rules. I highly advise not Juuling in the bathrooms due to the large fine that is given if you are caught.  Q: When are clubs?  A: Clubs are every other Wednesday, unless otherwise stated on the announcements.   Q: Why do the seniors yell at the underclassmen in the student

How one-to-one computers will affect libraries

By Kennedy Westfall and Jessica Hunley As technology progresses, schools must reconsider the resources they make available to students and teachers. Recently, various districts have provided personalized laptops to their students, implementing online e-learning and digital textbooks to make the learning experience more efficient. However, the use of individual laptops could impact both in-school and public media centers and computer labs.   Librarian,

Reliance on one-to-one laptops stifles creativity

By Victor Song The technological revolution has gone full steam ahead and its presence is felt by all facets of society— including the education system.  Fort Wayne Community Schools high schools are scheduled to make the transition from pencil and paper to cursors and screens next year.  But, as many studies, and personal experience, have shown, the current generation of students, and perhaps

Q&A by Madison Elliot

As the school year comes to an end, many of Snider’s seniors are reflecting back on their high school experience. Kyaw Lin has answered some questions regarding the high school experience and the reflections that come with graduation.