Dear Senior

By Katrina Griffin  Q: Do kids Juul in the bathrooms?  A: Yes, students do actually Juul in the bathrooms, even though it is against school rules. I highly advise not Juuling in the bathrooms due to the large fine that is given if you are caught.  Q: When are clubs?  A: Clubs are every other Wednesday, unless otherwise stated on the announcements.   Q: Why do the seniors yell at the underclassmen in the student

How one-to-one computers will affect libraries

By Kennedy Westfall and Jessica Hunley As technology progresses, schools must reconsider the resources they make available to students and teachers. Recently, various districts have provided personalized laptops to their students, implementing online e-learning and digital textbooks to make the learning experience more efficient. However, the use of individual laptops could impact both in-school and public media centers and computer labs.   Librarian,

Reliance on one-to-one laptops stifles creativity

By Victor Song The technological revolution has gone full steam ahead and its presence is felt by all facets of society— including the education system.  Fort Wayne Community Schools high schools are scheduled to make the transition from pencil and paper to cursors and screens next year.  But, as many studies, and personal experience, have shown, the current generation of students, and perhaps