Snider speech team wins best results of season, takes home several awards

The Snider Speech team ready for competition! The Snider Speech team earned their best results of the season on December 13th at DeKalb High School, facing off against the toughest competitors of the area. Senior Bonnie Kissinger placed sixth in November prose, junior Victor Song placed second in varsity impromptu and first in varsity informative and freshman Cade Wilson placed

Understanding the effects and reality of childhood trauma

Many people around the world have experienced childhood abuse in many forms including sexual, mental, emotional and physical abuse. To lessen its seriousness, many people joke about post-traumatic stress disorder with jokes about how traumatizing a test was, or how a ticket printing at a restaurant made them have flashbacks to working their first job.  Trauma as a child can be

Red for Ed rallies shed light on standardized testing, teacher pay

On Tuesday, November 19, 2019, over fifteen thousand supporters of public education travelled to the Indiana State Capitol in Indianapolis to advocate for changes within the state’s public schools. Numerous teachers from Fort Wayne Community Schools attended the event to represent the state’s largest school district. Schools within the district were closed on Tuesday due to the large number of