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Climbing the wall: one student’s story of immigration

Irasema "Sammy" Hernandez Imagine climbing a wall. Imagine that it stretches 26 feet above you. Imagine an armed militia waits for you on the other side. Now imagine you’re six years old.   This was reality for senior Sammy Hernandez when she entered the United States. She has vivid memories of crossing the border with her mother.  “The first time we tried to come,”

Top ten breakfast

The Class of 2020 top ten seniors were honored at a breakfast of donuts and bagels on January 24. The students were joined by their parents, Principal Hissong, the guidance counselors and department heads. The official ranks are as follows: 1)Emily Meinzen 2) Hayden Tippmann 3) Sam Hefty 4) Madison Elliott 5) Kennedy Jester 6) Libby Vachon 7) Kennedy

Fave teacher photo poll

Connor McKinnon, 12th What is your favorite class and why? “AP Physics, because it makes me think in different ways.” Who is your favorite teacher and what subject do they teach? “Mr. Wilhelm, because of his ability to bond with students. AP Physics.” Irasema Hernandez, 12th What is your favorite class and why? “Calculus, because Mr. Tippmann is

Australia climate change

Wildfires have been ravaging Australia since September of 2019. According to an article written by The Guardian, more than 2,700,000 hectares have been burned, and more than 2,000 homes have been destroyed. 28 people have been killed. One billion animals have died—more than 800,000 of those animals were killed in New South Wales.  The fires

Investigating the Snider special ed department

It’s no secret that Snider High School is a large school with many functioning parts that control how the school itself runs. The special education (SPED) department is an essential piece to making Snider run smoothly and efficiently for students with I.E.P.s and students in academic classes that have co-teachers.   At

Violins of hope visit Snider

On Friday, November 15, Snider students watched a performance by the Violins of Hope in the auditorium during first and second period. Organized by lead partners, the Jewish Federation of Fort Wayne and the Fort Wayne Philharmonic, a steering committee of local professionals has been formed to work with area partners

Unlocked and exposed

An issue that has risen among the many women's bathrooms of Snider High School are dysfunctional stall locks. There are three common issues with these locks: missing locks, unmoving locks and locks that do not lock completely. A common encounter in the bathrooms are stalls that do not have locks at