Snider Snapshot | Will Maciejewski

The Snider Men's Varsity Soccer team defeats a very strong and well coached team of the Concordia Lutheran Cadets by a score of 3-2. With a record of 7-6-1, the Panthers will play their first sectional game next Wednesday vs the North Side Legends.

Snider Snapshot | Zach Kyner

The Snider "Mighty Panther Marching Band" practices for their first upcoming performance for Friday's football game.  The Snider Marching Band has spent countless hour practicing over the summer to prepare a spicy, Latin-infused program this year.  

Snider Snapshot | Alisa Gomez

Snider students collecting their breakfasts/lunches for the upcoming virtual days. So far, over 3,500 take home meals have been sent home to Snider students since the start of the school year.  All blended learning students can grab their provided meals by doors #4 and #8 at the end of each day, and virtual students can sign up for free

Snider Snapshot | Ethan Corbin

Seniors grudgingly attend a zoom call for Honors Economics as their classmates present to them. For a week presentations on nations economic and political systems have been presented in Mrs. Stoller's Economics class, with today being the final day to do presentations. 

Snider Snapshot | Emerson Corbin

Seniors Raegan Sample and Abby Mayhew work together to build a virtual ER on Minecraft using the Nintendo Switch. Due to Covid, the Biomed curriculum has been altered in order to stay up to date with health guidelines and protect staff and students from getting sick.

Snider Snapshot | Emma Buisman

Seniors Avery Smith, Zoe Skiver, and Sydney Scully working hard while learning a new lesson today in class. Social distancing and the use of masks are essential in all classrooms to stay safe this school year. 

Snider Snapshot | Tristan Brooks

#9, a running back for the Snider Freshman Football team, makes a play during Thursday's game. Snider beat Warsaw with a touchdown and field goal in the final minutes of the game. The final, harrowing score was 7-6.

Snider Snapshot | Katlyn Borchelt

The Snider Women's Soccer Team pose for a photo after practice, while sporting their new warm-up shirts.  The Lady Panthers Varsity team currently holds a record of 4-1 in their SAC, and 4-6 overall.