Review: Gale of Darkness

“To catch them is their real test; to train them is their cause.” Pokemon fans are now celebrating 25 years of the franchise’s initial 1996 Japanese release, with more products and advertising than you could ever imagine. From cereal boxes, to T-shirts and stuffed animals, the Pokémon craze hasn’t diminished in popularity since its debut. Among  their slew of main-series games, where

What Are Snider Students Listening To?

By Emily McCoy With 2021 beginning, many people are looking back on their most watched videos and liked pictures of this past year. Spotify, a popular music and podcast site, is no exception to this yearly trend. A few Snider students submitted their top songs, podcasts, and more. What were your top 3 songs of 2020?  NASA by Ariana Grande, Thank u Next  Boyfriend

To Move in the Right Direction, Democrats Must Leave the G.O.P. Behind

Sitting in my physics class, I watched Joe Biden give his inaugural address. As he stepped up to the podium, he faced a nation set on fire, kindled by the pandemic, racial injustice, climate change and other crises. From the very start, he made it known that his cure to all of these ails had one common theme: unity.   Witnessing the

Opinion Column: AP means Absolutely Pointless

By Zack Kyner The mega millionaire non-for profit College Board is profound in that it is one of the only companies to ever exist to have every consumer they have ever had hate them. From rising SAT prices, AP testing costs perpetually increasing, the name “College Board” and testing from home. We the students of high schools across the United States,

Staff Editorial: Bring Back Nutrition and Wellness

Most students enjoy classes that contain information that they can apply to their lives when they are on their own. Classes that provide tips on how to handle money and save it, or classes about how voting works during an election. Nutrition and Wellness is a class that teaches students how to cook different foods and how to do it

Klee’s Final Performance

Band Director Mr. Kevin Klee has finally reached his official senior year. After watching 32 classes of seniors graduate from Snider, Mr. Klee has only experienced that feeling once -- when he graduated from Snider in 1976. After many long days full of sacrifice, Mr. Klee is ready to compose the next movement of his life’s symphony.  Over the past 33 years, members

Snider Seniors Reflect on an Unusual Year

By Katlyn Borchelt From Friday night lights to the long awaited graduation, senior year is supposed to be a time filled with excitement and endless memories.  A time for preparing for college while basking in the feeling of finally getting through high school.  That is, if you’re not in the middle of a pandemic. For the class of 2021, this year has

The Academic Pressures in a Hispanic Household

Uprooting a family and moving houses or states is a difficult enough decision for a parent to make, let alone the decision to move to a different country. For the parents of Snider students senior Hector Salamanca and junior Anishleidy Fuerte-Ramirez, this was the decision that they had to make. Salamanca came to the United States from El Salvador when he was 14 years