Opinion Column: Intelligence Not Linked to Political Involvement

By Natalie Mitchell In today’s prevalent “cancel culture,” you often hear various trends, movies, books, social media sites, and brands referred to as overrated, or not as good as they are made out to be. But something that is extremely overrated, but not often called such, is the American ideal of being involved in politics. In America, being involved in the

Sports Column: View of “His Airness” is Overblown

Michael Jordan is widely recognized as the greatest basketball player to ever play. He is certainly one of the greatest, but he is overrated. He had an illustrious career, winning six championships in the span of nine years while scoring the most points per game out of all players for 11 seasons. However, with the release of a documentary known

Sports Column: Calling a Foul on Baseball

By Dirk Hildebrand The term “overrated” in today's culture usually refers to when the success or accomplishments of a person, place or thing are vastly overestimated, over praised, or exaggerated. The term has been used to describe anything from players in various sports, the impact of certain cities, or even the success of social movements and trends. A perfect example of