To Move in the Right Direction, Democrats Must Leave the G.O.P. Behind

Sitting in my physics class, I watched Joe Biden give his inaugural address. As he stepped up to the podium, he faced a nation set on fire, kindled by the pandemic, racial injustice, climate change and other crises. From the very start, he made it known that his cure to all of these ails had one common theme: unity.   Witnessing the

Blue Wave in Georgia has Ripple Effects

As political pundits and journalists declared the Senate race in Georgia a likely loss for both Democrat contenders Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock, Stacy Abrams and other voting-rights activists thankfully came to the rescue.  Since 2003, Republicans have had a firm grip on the Georgia Senate. Now, primarily with the help of black voters, the peach state has now flipped blue—and this has

Ms. Hayes’ passions include African culture, Vans and tattoos

By Victor Song  An expansive Vans shoe collection makes an impression on Ms. Hayes' classes, according to her students.   “I think I started collecting Vans this summer,” Ms. Hayes, English teacher, said.  Currently, she has 52 pairs. Ms. Hayes credits her massive collection to her desire to keep them in pristine condition.  “I only wear them once,” Ms. Hayes. said “But it’s hard to

Guide to candidates

Election Day is less than a year away and it is imperative that voters across the nation are educated about the candidates running for president, however overwhelming the number of candidates may be (12 Democrats, 3 Republicans). As with any young person dipping their toes into the waters of politics, the process of getting to know each candidate that is running for the presidency is arduous, if not mundane. And, especially for a

Censorship in Today’s America

As the U.S.-China trade war is in the flux, another conflict is unfolding with China that is changing our morals and threatening our freedom of speech.  On October 4, 2019, Houston Rockets manager Daryl Morey tweeted a comment that would have unforeseen implications.  In his tweet, Morey expressed his support for the Hong Kong protests that are currently fighting against authoritative China for democracy. The comment, however, did not sit well with China. For months, China has

Reliance on one-to-one laptops stifles creativity

By Victor Song The technological revolution has gone full steam ahead and its presence is felt by all facets of society— including the education system.  Fort Wayne Community Schools high schools are scheduled to make the transition from pencil and paper to cursors and screens next year.  But, as many studies, and personal experience, have shown, the current generation of students, and perhaps