On the Subject of Fandoms: Books, Games, Creators and More

By Braeden Lamb Ever since I was of the age of being able to hold a controller in my hand, I invested myself in many different creations that could hold fans alike. Every book, every TV show host or YouTuber, video game, anything that would find its way into my heart would wind its way into my life as a whole.

Sports Column: Spearheading eSports

By Braeden Lamb “We are Valorant. We are fighters!” Every other match, I feel I hear that voiceline reach out to us before proceeding to attempt to score victories for our team. We give and receive callouts, refine our motor skills and muscle memory. We celebrate our frags, clutches and 1000 IQ plays.  I am a player on Snider’s Valorant Gold eSports team. Snider