Sports Bras Support Women Athletes, Critics do not

The creation of sports bras began in the summer of 1977, as Lisa Lindahl, Polly Smith and Hinda Miller crafted what would become today’s women’s sports bras. These bras were designed to provide support and comfort for female athletes and have revolutionized women’s athletics. Now, 44 years later, sports bras have continuously improved, but the sexualization of women athletes and

The Academic Pressures in a Hispanic Household

Uprooting a family and moving houses or states is a difficult enough decision for a parent to make, let alone the decision to move to a different country. For the parents of Snider students senior Hector Salamanca and junior Anishleidy Fuerte-Ramirez, this was the decision that they had to make. Salamanca came to the United States from El Salvador when he was 14 years

Racism Embedded into Society

This year has been full of events that will be remembered for a lifetime. Perhaps, even put into the history books that the children of today’s high school students will read in their own classes. Some of the most important events of this year have been the Black Lives Matter protests. The Black Lives Matter movement began in 2013 after the