Farewell to Mr. Klee

By Faith Allison After 40 years of teaching, 33 at Snider, Mr. Kevin Klee has left behind a legacy of selflessness and dedication, along with a treasured tradition of Hawaiian shirts and sandals.  His journey as a band director started at the same place it ended. Mr. Klee realized that he wanted to be a band director during his sophomore year at

Opinion Column: Fort Wayne Philharmonic management hits a wrong chord

  By Faith Allison At a time when the world needs music the most, the Fort Wayne Philharmonic management has been out of tune with the needs of their musicians.  Throughout Fort Wayne, large groups of performers have adapted to the strict mandates that guide large group gatherings. Across the country, many large orchestras have transitioned to virtual performance options, or were able

Klee’s Final Performance

Band Director Mr. Kevin Klee has finally reached his official senior year. After watching 32 classes of seniors graduate from Snider, Mr. Klee has only experienced that feeling once -- when he graduated from Snider in 1976. After many long days full of sacrifice, Mr. Klee is ready to compose the next movement of his life’s symphony.  Over the past 33 years, members