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Staff Editorial: The Power of Online Learning

Some people are viewing the current social distancing period as an extended spring break, a time where they can relax and forget about their responsibilities, particularly those involving school. However, the truth is quite the opposite; it’s more important now than ever before to keep up on classwork.  Even though our

Make connections to alleviate stress

By Dylan Mast  Pressure. Part of life, part of nature. What can seem as to be an insurmountable obstacle when applied to the psyche of a teenager. The fear of not succeeding, superseding all other thoughts and emotions. High school is full of expectations from a variety of people and figures: coaches, teachers, parents,

Staff Editorial: Just Stay In

COVID-19, otherwise known as coronavirus, has been plaguing news channels and social media feeds for weeks, overtaking the struggling economy and the 2020 presidential race.  Medical professionals have advocated for self-isolation, saying that by staying home and only going out when necessary, we can diminish the virus’s impact. Politicians have implemented regulations that will

Staff Editorial: The play’s not the thing, but crowded cafeteria is

By the Editorial Board On Wednesday, March 11, the cast and crew of  "High School Musical" were informed that the show was cancelled until further notice. According to Mr. Hissong, all FWCS events with an expected attendance of at least 100, scheduled through April 11,  have been cancelled due to the rapid spread of COVID-19,

Top ten breakfast

The Class of 2020 top ten seniors were honored at a breakfast of donuts and bagels on January 24. The students were joined by their parents, Principal Hissong, the guidance counselors and department heads. The official ranks are as follows: 1)Emily Meinzen 2) Hayden Tippmann 3) Sam Hefty 4) Madison Elliott 5) Kennedy Jester 6) Libby Vachon 7) Kennedy

Violins of hope visit Snider

On Friday, November 15, Snider students watched a performance by the Violins of Hope in the auditorium during first and second period. Organized by lead partners, the Jewish Federation of Fort Wayne and the Fort Wayne Philharmonic, a steering committee of local professionals has been formed to work with area partners

Q&A by Madison Elliot

As the school year comes to an end, many of Snider’s seniors are reflecting back on their high school experience. Kyaw Lin has answered some questions regarding the high school experience and the reflections that come with graduation.