Column: Speculating on FWCS’ Next Leader

By Jared Mitchell  Who will replace Dr. Wendy Robinson as the superintendent of Fort Wayne Community Schools? That’s the question every thoughtful constituent of FWCS is asking as Dr. Robinson’s pre-announced retirement inches ever closer.   FWCS has gone on record and said “The public won't know until we've made a decision,” according to the Journal Gazette.  This is quite the predicament for knowing who

Column: festivals, rage rooms and tributaries attract tourists and secure capital status

Welcome to Fort Wayne, the second largest city in Indiana, bested only by the four-times-larger Indianapolis.   Our biggest bragging right is that we often like to intimidate Indy with threats of state domination. Alas, we never truly commit.  Fort Wayne is the only town worth mentioning for miles around. Can you name a town that you can drive to in under two

Super Bowl advertisement rankings

Every year the National Football League, NFL, puts on a spectacle like none other. Millions of people gather around their television screens to watch the biggest game of American football, or to watch the best ads to ever be aired on television.   Let’s be honest. The best part of the game is always the ads. An ad in the game that can’t

Fave teacher photo poll

Connor McKinnon, 12th What is your favorite class and why? “AP Physics, because it makes me think in different ways.” Who is your favorite teacher and what subject do they teach? “Mr. Wilhelm, because of his ability to bond with students. AP Physics.” Irasema Hernandez, 12th What is your favorite class and why? “Calculus, because Mr. Tippmann is fun, interactive, and laid back.” Who is your favorite teacher and