Opinion Column: Girl Scout Cookies Leave Bitter Taste

Graphic by Pheonix McDowell By Camille Haines At 10 years old, just like many other young girls, I participated in Girl Scouts. I sold more than 300 cookies every year—winning countless prizes and earning countless badges. Other girls in my troop were selling as many, if not more. My troop used the money we raised to go on all sorts of activities.

Snider Esports Team Prepares for 2021 Spring Season

By Emily McCoy The 2020-21 school year has been a wild year for sports. Many sports, including football, soccer and basketball, have been cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many fans are not allowed to view their favorite games for fear of the virus. One Snider sports team, however, does not have to worry about fans gathering in large groups or

The Screen Menace

By Tristan Brooks We all know the wonderful things technology has been responsible for around the world, from life saving medical advancements to getting education to the hands of those who need it most in developing countries. I'm sure you've also heard of the bad things that come with our near-dependence on technology, we all have. I'm here to summarize these things for

Looking Back

By Emily McCoy All too often I look back and wonder what went wrong. Questions run through my head like a broken record. What could have been done differently? What could I have done to avoid failing a test? Betraying someone's trust? Losing a friend?  Those same questions apply to history too. What could have saved Rome? Was there something we could

A Letter to Generation 2070

Dear Generation 2070, I'm just a high school senior writing to you to give you a taste of what your grandparents had to grow up with as well as inquire as to what your current life is like. I’m curious as to what name society has dawned upon you. Generation-B570? Or perhaps something else out of a science fiction novel. Anything

Blast from the Past

By Emma Rohrbacher Have you ever wondered what Snider looked like thirty, forty or even fifty years ago? From classes to clubs, Snider was has changed immensely in the last fifty years. Fifty-four years ago, in 1967, some of Snider’s classes were separated by gender. One of these classes was drafting and metal class, exclusively for male students, where they earned about

Staff Editorial: Vaccine Misinformation Delays Normalcy

As cases of Covid-19 continued to rise, along with the death count, Americans found a beacon of hope at the end of last year. Almost an entire month ago, the FDA gave emergency approval to a Covid-19 vaccine from BioNTech and Pfizer. The rollout began almost immediately, following “Operation Warp Speed,” which planned to have millions vaccinated by the end of the

Esports Update: Rocket League Esports Team qualifies for national playoffs

Snider’s Rocket League Black Team finished ranked #14 in the nation, which qualifies them for the High School Esports League (HSEL) National Playoffs,  a single elimination tournament beginning Monday Dec 14th.  The team’s opening round match will be at 5p.m. vs 3rd Seed Eno River Academy from North Carolina.  Only the top 16 teams nationally make the national tournament, and there were

Turkey Day Gatherings Pose Risk of COVID

By: Alex Galassini With 2020 finally nearing the end of its reign, it’s on track to being one of the most infamously unlucky years in modern history. Families have been separated for over half a year now, leading to missed birthdays and other celebrations. Luckily this October, many cities, including Fort Wayne, did not cancel trick or treating. Many homes opted

Staff Editorial: Property Damage from Protests

During quarantine the two main things that covered the news were COVID-19 and protests. One of the most controversial topics with the protests was the property that was damaged, stolen, burned or vandalized.  Some argue that these acts were justified because it is the only way to catch the attention of the government, but what about the people on the receiving

Opinion: New Judge’s Lack of Answers Prompts Concerns

By Emma Hedrick No matter what your political viewpoints are, there is one thing that all Americans can agree upon: Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation to the Supreme Court is a big deal.  Let’s talk about the Supreme Court for a moment. Article III of the Constitution creates the Supreme Court and grants it jurisdiction over certain types of cases, such as suits

The Mandalorian S.2 Ep.1 Review: The Old West and Space Dragons

Pedro Pascal is The Mandalorian in the Disney+ series THE MANDALORIAN. Lucasfilm Ltd. By Ethan Corbin Last Friday the widely anticipated season two premiere of Disney’s The Mandalorian was streamed on Disney Plus, the streaming service much like Netflix used by Disney. The episode kicks off shortly after the cliff hanger of an ending of season one, however it does not follow up on the previous season’s mysteries,