Snider scores second at TechFest

Photo by Anica Hall

By Braeden Lamb On November 19th, Snider students of all grades travelled to the McMillen Park Community Center for the Northeast Indiana TechFest competition. TechFest presents challenges of many different STEM fields for students to solve and compete with other schools to win. Challenges include, but are not limited to, Programming, Engineering, Science, Cyber Security, Cyber Hunt, Hardware Challenges (PC hardware),

He ain’t no false prophet: Dylan’s “Rough and Rowdy Ways”

By Colin Haines “Someday everything’s going to be beautiful, when I paint my masterpiece.” Bob Dylan has sung this song, “When I Paint My Masterpiece,” numerous times. At age 80, though, Dylan has painted plenty of masterpieces, one of his greatest being last year’s “Rough and Rowdy Ways,” an album which examines deeply the mystery of artistic creation and the role

Farewell to Mr. Klee

By Faith Allison After 40 years of teaching, 33 at Snider, Mr. Kevin Klee has left behind a legacy of selflessness and dedication, along with a treasured tradition of Hawaiian shirts and sandals.  His journey as a band director started at the same place it ended. Mr. Klee realized that he wanted to be a band director during his sophomore year at

Opinion Column: The Grammys are a Sham

By Erin Robinson On Sunday, on March 14th of 2021, the 63rd annual Grammy Awards took place, recognizing artists from all genres for their musical talent and abilities. Notable events, such as Beyoncé now having the most Grammys awarded, or performances from groups including BTS and Black Puma, made the night much more exciting. However, that isn’t to say that the

Opinion Column: Collecting The Past 

By Olivia Rios What most people my age would deem “old” and “worthless” I find to be vintage and priceless. If I could scour the Earth looking for these items, I would in an instant, but unfortunately, I’m stuck in my little Midwest city of Fort Wayne. The only places I have visited with authentic, timeless pieces are antique shops that

Opinion Column: Fort Wayne Philharmonic management hits a wrong chord

  By Faith Allison At a time when the world needs music the most, the Fort Wayne Philharmonic management has been out of tune with the needs of their musicians.  Throughout Fort Wayne, large groups of performers have adapted to the strict mandates that guide large group gatherings. Across the country, many large orchestras have transitioned to virtual performance options, or were able

The Show Must (Carefully) Go On

By Marissa Drew The Covid-19 pandemic has been a universal struggle for all students this past year. Most of all, it’s taken its toll on those of us involved in after-school and extracurricular activities. Last year, the day before the opening night of Snider’s High School Musical, it was announced that the show would not be allowed to go on, leaving the

Review: Gale of Darkness

“To catch them is their real test; to train them is their cause.” Pokemon fans are now celebrating 25 years of the franchise’s initial 1996 Japanese release, with more products and advertising than you could ever imagine. From cereal boxes, to T-shirts and stuffed animals, the Pokémon craze hasn’t diminished in popularity since its debut. Among  their slew of main-series games, where

What Are Snider Students Listening To?

By Emily McCoy With 2021 beginning, many people are looking back on their most watched videos and liked pictures of this past year. Spotify, a popular music and podcast site, is no exception to this yearly trend. A few Snider students submitted their top songs, podcasts, and more. What were your top 3 songs of 2020?  NASA by Ariana Grande, Thank u Next  Boyfriend

Klee’s Final Performance

Band Director Mr. Kevin Klee has finally reached his official senior year. After watching 32 classes of seniors graduate from Snider, Mr. Klee has only experienced that feeling once -- when he graduated from Snider in 1976. After many long days full of sacrifice, Mr. Klee is ready to compose the next movement of his life’s symphony.  Over the past 33 years, members

On the Subject of Fandoms: Books, Games, Creators and More

By Braeden Lamb Ever since I was of the age of being able to hold a controller in my hand, I invested myself in many different creations that could hold fans alike. Every book, every TV show host or YouTuber, video game, anything that would find its way into my heart would wind its way into my life as a whole.