Opinion Column: Collecting The Past 

By Olivia Rios What most people my age would deem “old” and “worthless” I find to be vintage and priceless. If I could scour the Earth looking for these items, I would in an instant, but unfortunately, I’m stuck in my little Midwest city of Fort Wayne. The only places I have visited with authentic, timeless pieces are antique shops that

Snider Seniors Reflect on an Unusual Year

By Katlyn Borchelt From Friday night lights to the long awaited graduation, senior year is supposed to be a time filled with excitement and endless memories.  A time for preparing for college while basking in the feeling of finally getting through high school.  That is, if you’re not in the middle of a pandemic. For the class of 2021, this year has

The Academic Pressures in a Hispanic Household

Uprooting a family and moving houses or states is a difficult enough decision for a parent to make, let alone the decision to move to a different country. For the parents of Snider students senior Hector Salamanca and junior Anishleidy Fuerte-Ramirez, this was the decision that they had to make. Salamanca came to the United States from El Salvador when he was 14 years

A Letter to Generation 2070

Dear Generation 2070, I'm just a high school senior writing to you to give you a taste of what your grandparents had to grow up with as well as inquire as to what your current life is like. I’m curious as to what name society has dawned upon you. Generation-B570? Or perhaps something else out of a science fiction novel. Anything

Blast from the Past

By Emma Rohrbacher Have you ever wondered what Snider looked like thirty, forty or even fifty years ago? From classes to clubs, Snider was has changed immensely in the last fifty years. Fifty-four years ago, in 1967, some of Snider’s classes were separated by gender. One of these classes was drafting and metal class, exclusively for male students, where they earned about

Turkey Day Gatherings Pose Risk of COVID

By: Alex Galassini With 2020 finally nearing the end of its reign, it’s on track to being one of the most infamously unlucky years in modern history. Families have been separated for over half a year now, leading to missed birthdays and other celebrations. Luckily this October, many cities, including Fort Wayne, did not cancel trick or treating. Many homes opted

Snider Snapshot | Brian Shaw

Snider students stride through the halls in one direction on a cloudy Monday morning. Due to COVID-19, students have had to walk in a single direction through the hallways to promote health and safety in the school environment.