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Taking care of business: Students work during pandemic

By Kennedy Westfall  The COVID-19 pandemic has been trying for most affected individuals. The virus has closed many schools and businesses, cancelled numerous events, and forced some factories to switch from producing typical products to those that are in high demand, such as medical equipment.   Although the virus has led to the closure

Hefty studies in Austria

Snider senior Sam Hefty is saying auf wiedersehen to the United States to study history at the University of Graz in Graz, Austria.   “I wanted to go back to Austria for college because I really just love being there,” Hefty said. “I love the culture, love the new experience, love meeting new people. It was

The importance of discussing mental health

Conversations about physical health tend to be commonplace, but people often avoid discussing mental health. However, according to Mr. Ruppert, guidance counselor, “physical health and mental health are definitely related. One can affect the other.” Therefore, it is important to talk about both.  According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness,

Climbing the wall: one student’s story of immigration

Irasema "Sammy" Hernandez Imagine climbing a wall. Imagine that it stretches 26 feet above you. Imagine an armed militia waits for you on the other side. Now imagine you’re six years old.   This was reality for senior Sammy Hernandez when she entered the United States. She has vivid memories of crossing the border with her mother.  “The first time we tried to come,”

Fave teacher photo poll

Connor McKinnon, 12th What is your favorite class and why? “AP Physics, because it makes me think in different ways.” Who is your favorite teacher and what subject do they teach? “Mr. Wilhelm, because of his ability to bond with students. AP Physics.” Irasema Hernandez, 12th What is your favorite class and why? “Calculus, because Mr. Tippmann is

Understanding the effects and reality of childhood trauma

Many people around the world have experienced childhood abuse in many forms including sexual, mental, emotional and physical abuse. To lessen its seriousness, many people joke about post-traumatic stress disorder with jokes about how traumatizing a test was, or how a ticket printing at a restaurant made them have flashbacks

Fall Fashion Fix

Alright fellow fashionistas, the leaves are changing color, the pumpkins are ripe for carving, and the birds are flying south—it’s autumn! The changing weather also means we need to change our wardrobes, though. Pack up the shorts and tanks, break out the sweaters and boots! Here are some tips to help you be your

Kellenberger shares experiences with students

Mr. Kellenberger, a familiar face in upstairs B hall, is known to his students as Herr K, German for “Mr. K.” Although there are many students here that know Mr. Kellenberger, there are some who do not. For those who don’t, listen up: here is everything you ever wanted to know (and more!)  about this mysterious German man.  Mr.

Visiting Author Inspires Young Creatives

It was just another unassuming day at Snider High School: students milled about the hallway, friends giggled as they walked to lunch, teachers sat grading papers. But in the gym commons, the librarian and her library media assistants were setting up for an author visit.   E Lockhart, the New York based