Ms. Hayes’ passions include African culture, Vans and tattoos

By Victor Song  An expansive Vans shoe collection makes an impression on Ms. Hayes' classes, according to her students.   “I think I started collecting Vans this summer,” Ms. Hayes, English teacher, said.  Currently, she has 52 pairs. Ms. Hayes credits her massive collection to her desire to keep them in pristine condition.  “I only wear them once,” Ms. Hayes. said “But it’s hard to

Hefty studies in Austria

By Emily Meinzen Snider senior Sam Hefty is saying auf wiedersehen to the United States to study history at the University of Graz in Graz, Austria.   “I wanted to go back to Austria for college because I really just love being there,” Hefty said. “I love the culture, love the new experience, love meeting new people. It was all-in-all a great experience.”  College in Europe is different

Climbing the wall: one student’s story of immigration

Irasema "Sammy" Hernandez By Emily Meinzen Imagine climbing a wall. Imagine that it stretches 26 feet above you. Imagine an armed militia waits for you on the other side. Now imagine you’re six years old.   This was reality for senior Sammy Hernandez when she entered the United States. She has vivid memories of crossing the border with her mother.  “The first time we tried to come,” Hernandez said, “we were halted at the border. There