Snider Esports Team Prepares for 2021 Spring Season

By Emily McCoy The 2020-21 school year has been a wild year for sports. Many sports, including football, soccer and basketball, have been cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many fans are not allowed to view their favorite games for fear of the virus. One Snider sports team, however, does not have to worry about fans gathering in large groups or

The Screen Menace

By Tristan Brooks We all know the wonderful things technology has been responsible for around the world, from life saving medical advancements to getting education to the hands of those who need it most in developing countries. I'm sure you've also heard of the bad things that come with our near-dependence on technology, we all have. I'm here to summarize these things for

2020 – The Year of the Young Voter

By Zach Kyner With a novel virus ravaging the country, devastating natural disasters hammering the coasts of the United States and civil unrest breaking in the streets of major cities across the country, 2020’s general election is poised to be like none other before.  Republican presidential incumbent Donald Trump is battling democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden for a seat as the president

Are wE-Learning?

With school in session, teachers and students reflect on how COVID-19 has impacted the classroom.

Keep Checking PowerSchool!

By Kennedy Westfall Some people are viewing the current social distancing period as an extended spring break, a time where they can relax and forget about their responsibilities, particularly those involving school. However, the truth is quite the opposite; it’s more important now than ever before to keep up on classwork. Even though our prolonged absence means we cannot have daily, in-person

Snider senior wins second place at PFW Science, Engineering Fair

Senior Dezaray Clawson competed on Saturday in the Northeast Indiana Science and Engineering Fair held at PFW.  She presented research on acoustic interference as a preliminary to work she’s doing on acoustic levitation. Clawson won the following awards: Outstanding Achievement in the Physical Sciences from Huntington University, the Naval Science Award from the Office of Naval Research, Regional Water Prize Award from the

March 5 announcements

Academic Super Bowl Team Members reminders: We are meeting this week on Wednesday, March 4 (today) and Friday, March 6. Our 1st invitational is next week and we still need a 2nd proctor. See Mrs. Fisher for more info.  Dodgeball: If you can dodge a class, you can dodge a ball! Come to the SBCC’s 2nd annual dodgeball tournament! Food will

DECA leaders head to international competition

Snider DECA Program President Kayla Hendon and Leader Linnea Johnson received recognition to return to international competition held in Tennessee this April 29-May 2nd.  Hendon and Johnson were able to be re-certified for a Gold Medal award for their 20 page report on accounting, inventory control and management of the Snider Spirit Shop.  Hannah Mekaru and Natalie Mitchell were finalists in Business Law

Music notes

Snider was represented well at ISSMA State Solo & Ensemble contest at North Central High School in Indianapolis on Saturday.   Brock Widman (bass) and Arianna Barnhart (clarinet) earned Silver ratings for their solos.  Jessel Mehta (flute and piccolo), Sammy Deckard (euphonium), Xarai Courter (snare drum), Ella Moss (viola), Kristen Davis (clarinet), and Trinity Forish (violin) earned Gold ratings for their solos.  Owen Counterman (snare drum), Larry

March 3 announcements

Dodgeball: The 3 Amigos are back and shorter than ever! Lohr, McVey and Tippmann are trying to reclaim their manhood after finding out that they all have short man syndrome! Make their egos as small as them on March 13th at 4:30. $5 per person and 5 people on each team! Only a few spots left.  Tickets will go on sale

Feb 28 announcements

The Art Department would like to congratulate Lauren Moga for her achievement in the High School Art Exhibition at the University of St. Francis.  She received an award for Outstanding Achievement in Ceramics which was selected by the faculty as the best ceramic work in the exhibit.  Congrats to Snider DECA Program President Kayla Hendon and Leader Linnea Johnson for receiving recognition to return to