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Donnelly as Senator

With such a drastic increase in the number of young voters, residents are questioning if Donnelly is the appropriate representative of Indiana. Grace McCormick argues that voting in the best interest of Indiana is Donnelly’s main goal as senator. Noah Ehrman argues that if Donnelly votes like a Republican, proudly displays Republican views and constantly vies for Republican votes, he has no business running as a Democrat.

Phone Hijack

It is easy to admit to a certain degree of dependency on smartphones; after all, one would be hard pressed to find someone this day in age who is not at least somewhat reliant on the device. Confronting the harmful effects of that dependency, however, is another story.

Unite Divided Nation

When we gaze upon our national flag, whether we stand for what it represents, or kneel for what it has done, we cannot forget that we are united under it.

Lessons Learned from Scandal

Be wary of the decisions you make now. Your future self might thank you for it. The time has arrived for us to think more critically about the decisions we make and take into account the consequences those decisions will have on our future.

Snider Students Stay In

As thousands of other students across the country walked out, Snider students stayed in the classroom while administrators lined the halls ready to scold students who dared enter the hallways.