Staff Editorial: Vaccine Misinformation Delays Normalcy

As cases of Covid-19 continued to rise, along with the death count, Americans found a beacon of hope at the end of last year. Almost an entire month ago, the FDA gave emergency approval to a Covid-19 vaccine from BioNTech and Pfizer. The rollout began almost immediately, following “Operation Warp Speed,” which planned to have millions vaccinated by the end of the

Staff Editorial: Property Damage from Protests

During quarantine the two main things that covered the news were COVID-19 and protests. One of the most controversial topics with the protests was the property that was damaged, stolen, burned or vandalized.  Some argue that these acts were justified because it is the only way to catch the attention of the government, but what about the people on the receiving

Staff Editorial: The Power of Online Learning

Some people are viewing the current social distancing period as an extended spring break, a time where they can relax and forget about their responsibilities, particularly those involving school. However, the truth is quite the opposite; it’s more important now than ever before to keep up on classwork.  Even though our prolonged absence means we cannot have daily, in-person classes, many

Staff Editorial: Just Stay In

COVID-19, otherwise known as coronavirus, has been plaguing news channels and social media feeds for weeks, overtaking the struggling economy and the 2020 presidential race.  Medical professionals have advocated for self-isolation, saying that by staying home and only going out when necessary, we can diminish the virus’s impact. Politicians have implemented regulations that will help decrease the spread of disease, including President Trump’s European

Staff Editorial: The play’s not the thing, but crowded cafeteria is

By the Editorial Board On Wednesday, March 11, the cast and crew of  "High School Musical" were informed that the show was cancelled until further notice. According to Mr. Hissong, all FWCS events with an expected attendance of at least 100, scheduled through April 11,  have been cancelled due to the rapid spread of COVID-19, also known as corona virus.  Many universities in Indiana have cancelled in-person lectures for

Phone Hijack

It is easy to admit to a certain degree of dependency on smartphones; after all, one would be hard pressed to find someone this day in age who is not at least somewhat reliant on the device. Confronting the harmful effects of that dependency, however, is another story.