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Choosing a Major by Ryan Stachler

I want to major in Food Science, which is the study of the physical, biological and chemical makeup of food. There are many career options available to food scientists, ranging from working in a lab to working for the government.

Stalking Stocks

While buying full stocks to companies like Amazon or Google may not be the most budget friendly option, there are plenty of other cost-effective options to choose from. There is no better time to invest than when you are young.

Raising Awareness of Late AP Testing

Because the policy for requesting late testing in the event of several snow cancellations is not listed with the other late testing requirements, it is up to the schools to contact the College Board and inquire if they think they might qualify, but because the policy is not common knowledge, most schools would have no reason to think they might qualify.  

Wake Up and Smell the Sugar

No one likes to think about how much sugar is in a single Starbucks Frappuccino. However, all hope is not lost for leading a healthy life and indulging in your favorite pick-me-up. The key is moderation.