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Live in the present

The world we live in revolves around speed. People will try anything and everything to get things done more quickly and efficiently. Relatively modern technology, such as interstates or cell phones, helps us accomplish tasks at lightning speed.   We instill the importance of speed in today’s youth, too, encouraging them to

Super Bowl advertisement rankings

Every year the National Football League, NFL, puts on a spectacle like none other. Millions of people gather around their television screens to watch the biggest game of American football, or to watch the best ads to ever be aired on television.   Let’s be honest. The best part of the game

Unlocked and exposed

An issue that has risen among the many women's bathrooms of Snider High School are dysfunctional stall locks. There are three common issues with these locks: missing locks, unmoving locks and locks that do not lock completely. A common encounter in the bathrooms are stalls that do not have locks at

Understanding the effects and reality of childhood trauma

Many people around the world have experienced childhood abuse in many forms including sexual, mental, emotional and physical abuse. To lessen its seriousness, many people joke about post-traumatic stress disorder with jokes about how traumatizing a test was, or how a ticket printing at a restaurant made them have flashbacks

Censorship in Today’s America

As the U.S.-China trade war is in the flux, another conflict is unfolding with China that is changing our morals and threatening our freedom of speech.  On October 4, 2019, Houston Rockets manager Daryl Morey tweeted a comment that would have unforeseen implications.  In his tweet, Morey expressed his support for the Hong Kong protests that are currently fighting against authoritative China for democracy. The comment,

How one-to-one computers will affect libraries

By Kennedy Westfall and Jessica Hunley As technology progresses, schools must reconsider the resources they make available to students and teachers. Recently, various districts have provided personalized laptops to their students, implementing online e-learning and digital textbooks to make the learning experience more efficient. However, the use of individual laptops could

Reliance on one-to-one laptops stifles creativity

By Victor Song The technological revolution has gone full steam ahead and its presence is felt by all facets of society— including the education system.  Fort Wayne Community Schools high schools are scheduled to make the transition from pencil and paper to cursors and screens next year.  But, as many studies, and personal