Opinion Column: Collecting The Past 

By Olivia Rios What most people my age would deem “old” and “worthless” I find to be vintage and priceless. If I could scour the Earth looking for these items, I would in an instant, but unfortunately, I’m stuck in my little Midwest city of Fort Wayne. The only places I have visited with authentic, timeless pieces are antique shops that

Staff Editorial: Bring Back Nutrition and Wellness

Most students enjoy classes that contain information that they can apply to their lives when they are on their own. Classes that provide tips on how to handle money and save it, or classes about how voting works during an election. Nutrition and Wellness is a class that teaches students how to cook different foods and how to do it

Fave teacher photo poll

Connor McKinnon, 12th What is your favorite class and why? “AP Physics, because it makes me think in different ways.” Who is your favorite teacher and what subject do they teach? “Mr. Wilhelm, because of his ability to bond with students. AP Physics.” Irasema Hernandez, 12th What is your favorite class and why? “Calculus, because Mr. Tippmann is fun, interactive, and laid back.” Who is your favorite teacher and

Where’s the beef? School lunches lack nutritional value for students

Back in 2010, the Obama Administration changed the school nutrition standards making them more healthy with whole grains and less salt. That was when school lunches were good. Then in 2017, the Trump Administration eased up on some of the requirements.   The lunches at Snider have gradually gotten better as new things have been added to the menu. Some of the

Catching Up With Snider’s New Staff

Get to know Snider’s new staff members of the 2018-2019 school year!