Column: Speculating on FWCS’ Next Leader

By Jared Mitchell 

Who will replace Dr. Wendy Robinson as the superintendent of Fort Wayne Community Schools? That’s the question every thoughtful constituent of FWCS is asking as Dr. Robinson’s pre-announced retirement inches ever closer.  

FWCS has gone on record and said “The public won’t know until we’ve made a decision,” according to the Journal Gazette. 

This is quite the predicament for knowing who will be our next grand leader, our hero to guide us to higher ground. Additionally, without an announcement of the candidates’ names comes a lack of comparison of the qualifications the superintendent needs to have. 

It’s hard to find the requirements for this job, but the superintendent position is posted on Hazard, Young, Attea & Associates website. The only strict requirement is that the candidate has graduated from high school by the time they take office, and that they are 18 years old.  

Since FWCS won’t release the names of those in contention, this only leads to speculation of who these candidates are, and there are, in my mind,  a few worth mentioning. 

The most noteworthy candidate is Dr. Wendy Robinson’s nephew. What’s his name? Nobody knows. Where’s he from? Again nobody knows, but for some reason when Dr. Robinson  announced her retirement a murmur arose uttering the phrase, “Keep it in the family.”  

This is a logical decision since Dr. Robinson could use her nephew as her voice if we assume she is actually her nephew in disguise. This is achievable since his name, and anything else about him, has never been exposed. Dr. Robinson would have the easiest of times portraying her fictional nephew. The reason for this elaborate plan is that since Dr. Robinson’s “nephew” would be “new” the people would be less harsh on him. This is the perfect ploy for Dr. Robinson to keep power and to try new tactics under this ingenious disguise, but unfortunately she has just been exposed. 

If you listen closely you can hear her say, “I could have gotten away with it if it weren’t for this meddling investigative journalist.” 

Another worthy candidate to speculate over is none other than Snider’s #1 principal, the one and only Mr. Chad “The Dad” Hissong! Mr. Hissong is overly qualified as compared to the other candidates. His resume speaks for that. 

According to the Snider Students & Parents 2019-2020 Power School page, Mr. Hissong has 7 years’ experience of teaching, and has been an administrator for an additional 24 years, 2 of which he spent as an administrator downtown for FWCS, meaning he already has experience working directly for the district. 

Mr. Hissong would be able to bring the S back in FWCS, where S will now be Spirit! Mr. Hissong would place the students first, and who better to represent the area schools than a person who has been working directly with the kids and the community for the past 30-plus years. 

The only other person who could be a better fit than Mr. Hissong is…ME! 

Who am I and what makes me qualified to be your FWCS superintendent?  

I am Jared Waverly Dean Mitchell, a member of the FWCS school system since 2007. Yes, I am young, but if Phineas and Ferb can build a rocket ship and not be questioned, then I can apply, which I did, for the position of superintendent of the largest school district in the state. 

If FWCS didn’t want me to run, they really should have put some requirements on that application. Come on. Seriously, all you need to have to lead the largest school district of the state is to be at least 18?  

Yes, it was highly recommended that you had a master’s degree in education, have been a teacher, have experience in a leadership role, have administrative experience and have held an actual job. 

Of those, my only qualification is that I’m currently part of the Indiana National Guard, but I haven’t even completed basic yet, so there’s that. But I’d still be a great superintendent as I see it. Who better to change the flaws in the system than someone who to just escaped it? 

If Donald Trump can win an election with a simple catchphrase so can I. Look at it this way, should I become superintendent, both I and the honorable president of the United States, Donald Trump, have had no experience in our jobs and yet we were both chosen to lead the largest office in our respected careers. Although he did run a business empire, I mowed my neighbor’s lawn once a week two summers ago, so that’s basically the same thing.  

FWCS wants to have the new superintendent in office by July 1, the official first day of the 2020-2021 school year. But until FWCS releases the names of who is actually running, technically there is only one official candidate for FWCS superintendent. Me. 

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