Fahrenbach Fashion

Fahrenbach Fashion by Grace McCormick

In the hallways of Snider, students are often seen sporting letterman jackets, Converse, Vans, high waisted jeans, leggings, hi-low tops or graphic tee shirts. Junior Quinn Fahrenbach does not dress like the average student. She wears a  children’s Lowe’s apron on special occasions; shiny metallic shoes are worn often; a John F. Kennedy watch and campaign button are an everyday staple.

“I got my JFK campaign button from my mom. It’s vintage and genuine, which is why it is one of my favorite things to wear,” Fahrenbach said.

Along with her love for Kennedy, Fahrenbach cherishes musicals and clothing styles from the 1960s. In fact, Fahrenbach got her love of ’60s clothing from participating in her middle school theater program.

She dressed like her classmates, keeping up with the current trends, until the summer before her seventh grade year.

“I got involved in the drama department in middle school and our summer musical before I went into seventh grade was ‘Bye Bye Birdie.’ The following summer show was ‘How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.’ Both shows were set in the 1960s,” said Fahrenbach. “While watching the movies and wearing costumes, I fell in love with the fashion era.”

Fahrenbach loves to shop at nice vintage stores, but she also owns a lot of clothing from popular mall stores that carry current clothing trends.

“I purchase a lot of my clothing from Forever 21, but I’ve been trying to primarily purchase clothing from thrift shops lately since it’s better for the environment and community,” Fahrenbach said.

One of Fahrenbach’s favorite pieces of clothing to shop for are pants, however, she likes to accessorize with neckwear.

“I love to wear ascots and scarves that I get from Salvation Army and Goodwill,” she said.

One of Fahrenbach’s favorite purchases from Salvation Army was a pair of vintage flared plaid pants she bought in the fall of 2016.

“The pattern caught my eye right away,” Fahrenbach said. “The pants look handmade, which is really cool.”

Some of Fahrenbach’s other favorite purchases were a “sassy” leopard print trench coat from Goodwill and a “Coolest Grandma in the World” sweatshirt from Salvation Army.

A signature Fahrenbach outfit is her children’s Lowe’s apron that she wears on her birthday and other special occasions.

“A group of friends and I were playing improv games and Harrison [Snyder] had costumes for us to wear,” Fahrenbach said. “I chose the apron and I didn’t take it off. Harrison told me that I could keep it.”

Fahrenbach gets her fashion inspiration from vintage clothing and from sophomore Harrison Snyder.

“Just looking at clothes from the 1960s and ’70s gives me inspiration,” Fahrenbach said. “Harrison wears a lot of vintage clothing to school and he gives me ideas of what to look for.”

Fahrenbach does not always dress in vintage clothing. If she is not feeling well, she might dress down, or if she has an event planned, she might dress up.

“If I know I am going to see a lot of people, or if I am going to a fancy event, then I will dress more fabulously than normal,” Fahrenbach said.

For events such as concerts, speech competitions or parties, Fahrenbach wears formal clothing not always limited to vintage style.

“I don’t think I should be fenced in by genres or labels of fashion,” Fahrenbach said. “I feel like I can be whatever I want to be and dress however I want to dress.”

In her freshman year, Fahrenbach was teased about her choice of clothing.

“I would snap my fingers and say ‘It’s called fashion’ when someone teased me,” Fahrenbach said.

Fahrenbach likes to use her fashion sense to inspire others to dress to impress themselves.

“To everyone, even those who hate my fashion sense, I encourage you to dress however you want and however you feel comfortable,” Fahrenbach said. “Be whatever you want to be, dress however you want to dress and people will like you.”

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