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Fall Fashion Fix

Alright fellow fashionistas, the leaves are changing color, the pumpkins are ripe for carving, and the birds are flying south—it’s autumn! The changing weather also means we need to change our wardrobes, though. Pack up the shorts and tanks, break out the sweaters and boots! Here are some tips to help you be your most fashionable this fall:

  1. Suede is a soft, almost velvety type of leather that can be such a cute staple, especially in boots and miniskirts, but be careful! Real suede is very sensitive to water and can become stiff and slightly discolored when wet. If you catch water marks soon enough, you can blot the water away (never scrub suede!), let the material dry completely, and brush it with a suede brush. If the stain has already dried, you can gently rub it with a suede eraser or a damp kitchen sponge. Or, you can simply treat it with suede spray, available at nearly every store that sells shoes, before use.
  2. We’ve always heard that mixing prints is a fashion faux pas, but this year is all about experimenting! Don’t be afraid to try new looks, like mixing plaids. Just be sure that the prints are in the same color family. If you mix plaids or other big prints, make sure they are different sizes and directions.
  3. Jackets, jackets, jackets! These can serve two purposes: keeping you warm in the colder temperatures and giving almost any outfit a finishing touch. Our minds are naturally drawn to the “magic of 3,” and fashion is no exception. Any outfit with three main pieces will automatically look more put-together and complete. Jackets are also great to direct attention more evenly throughout the torso, so they are super helpful for hiding tummy pouches.
  4. Ditch the pastels for jewel tones. Fall color palettes should usually reflect the changing tones outside—exchange the bright red for a dark maroon or burgundy and the sunshine yellow for a deep mustard.
  5. Always remember the most important rule of fashion: don’t follow the rules! If you want to ignore all four tips above, go ahead—fashion is all about expressing yourself and visually displaying your personality. You’ll look your best if you feel your best!

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