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Kellenberger shares experiences with students

Mr. Kellenberger, a familiar face in upstairs B hall, is known to his students as Herr K, German for “Mr. K.” Although there are many students here that know Mr. Kellenberger, there are some who do not. For those who don’t, listen up: here is everything you ever wanted to know (and more!)  about this mysterious German man. 

Mr. Kellenberger and his wife Bre share five daughters: Ari, age 9, Ana, age 7, Eva, age 5, Jubilee, age 3 and Jael, age 1. While he is at home with his family, he enjoys reading, listening to audiobooks and biking. He also enjoys baking because you get to “eat the finished product.” Mr. Kellenberger also likes to play the piano and guitar, which if you may hear if you ever pass by the German classroom. His is often found playing a variety of German music in the morning before school and throughout his classes.  

Mr. Kellenberger has been teaching for eleven years. He started off as a long-term substitute for the previous German teacher but after she retired, he was asked to continue teaching here at Snider. He frequently holds lunches for groups of his German students, where they speak all in German. There is no structure to these lunches; it is simply a time in which Mr. Kellenberger can further interact and get to know more about his students.  

While speaking with Mr. Kellenberger, he said what he would do if he wasn’t teaching. He responded that he would love to work in his church and help restructure the culture there. He could also be a consultant for language teachers, and he would train other teachers in the teaching method he uses in all his classes. His reasoning for staying at Snider are his many relationships with his students and the staff. 

Mr. Kellenberger is known for his positive relationships with students, being willing to help and his eclectic vibes.  

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