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Cabeen Gains Skills for TV Production at Anthis

Cabeen Gains Skills for TV Production at Anthis by Victoria Barhydt and Grace Allison 

The phrase “I’m never going to use this in real-life” is echoed through every high school in the United States as students finish their assignments. Anthis students do not agree. Anthis Career Center focuses on skill-based learning, and everything done at Anthis directly prepares students for their career choice.

Senior Jordan Cabeen learned about the TV production program at Anthis after talking to Ms. Adrienne Shroyer about his schedule for his senior year.

“[Ms. Shroyer] suggested I join since I wanted to be a filmmaker,” Cabeen said, “and I needed to fill my schedule.”

Anthis “is definitely preparing” him for his career choice, Cabeen said.

“[It’s] very hands-on,” he said, “and you’re actually training for the job you want in a class of like-minded people.”

Cabeen is excited about the opportunity to learn more about his future career and is “currently learning about different career paths, how to get there, and learning how to operate equipment and edit.”

The differences in Anthis from a traditional school is there are smaller class sizes, with a stronger regard for hands-on learning and an intense focus on developing skillsets.

The hands-on learning and the fact he is in a class with like-minded people who want to pursue similar careers is Cabeen’s favorite part about Anthis.

To explain how the TV Production class at Anthis compares to traditional school, he discussed final projects, assignments and homework.

Cabeen said that he is “not sure” if he has a final project, “but assignments typically consist of learning to edit or do something specific, while summative assignments are combining these skills in a final video.”

He and his classmates don’t have homework, Cabeen said, but “group assignments are the norm.”

A total of twenty people are in the film class, which is divided into first and second year students, with 13 in first year and 7 in second year.

Through participating in Anthis, Cabeen is enjoying the TV Production program and working toward his career goal of filmmaking.

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