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Perspective of an Exchange Student: A Q&A with Takuma Noguchi

Perspective of an Exchange Student: A Q&A with Takuma Noguchi by Dani Fulkerson

Q: What is one noticeable difference between Japan’s school system and America’s?

A: “In Japan, students have to wear uniforms to certain schools. I don’t like them very much.” (laughs)

Q: What is your favorite aspect of Japan’s education system?

A: “The activities offered.”

Q: What has surprised you most about Snider?

A: “The amount of students and teachers. There are twice as many students here as in Japan.”

Q: Did you participate in any extracurricular activities in Japan?

A: “I played basketball and sumo wrestled.”

Noguchi plays basketball at his neighbor’s house.

Q: How long have you wrestled? Is it a popular sport in Japan?

A: “I wrestled for four years in Japan. It is not a very popular sport.”

Q: What has been the greatest difference between Japan and America you have noticed?

A: “There are only three years of high school in Japan.”

Q: What has been your favorite experience in the states been so far?

A: “There are so many activities and sports in America. I loved canoeing with my host family.”

Noguchi with his host brother, Joshua McCormick, before canoeing at Chain O’ Lakes.

Q: Has it been easy to adapt to the American way of life? What has been the greatest change you have had to adapt to?

A: “It was not very hard to adapt to America’s culture, but I have wanted to talk to a lot of people, which is hard because of the language gap.”

Q: What made you decide to study abroad in America?

A: “I wanted to take classes offered in America, such as American history and physics. Also, my mom encouraged me to study abroad.”

Q: Does the school you attended in Japan require an additional language?

A: “Japanese schools require an English class.”

Q: What does a typical Japanese meal consist of?

A: “Sushi or noodles.”

Q: What is your favorite Japanese food? What is your favorite American food?

A: “I love sushi. I enjoy American foods, especially pizza.”

The photos used were taken by Grace and Jenny McCormick. Light was added to photos and color was altered to increase visibility.

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