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Snider Speedsters

Snider Speedsters by Jacob Snyder

Turning 16 is an exciting moment for all high school students. Aside from getting your license after years of riding around with your mom listening to ‘80’s on 8’, it is also a time inherit the 1993 station wagon that has been sitting in your driveway untouched for four years. But for some, it means finally being able to break open the piggy bank and finally buy the sports car they’ve always wanted.

One car fanatic, senior Tyler Griffiths, said his car “is definitely the fastest car at Snider High School.”

Griffiths, however, is not the only car enthusiast at Snider. Senior Max Jordan drives a 1998 Camaro Z28 SS that boasts an overpowering 320 horsepower. This is not the only statistic that blows other cars out of the water. His Camaro has a 5.7 L engine that only Griffith’s car can compete with. Jordan recently said he has “[Griffith’s] car beat by a mile”, and that the only thing that could stop him is a flat tire.

Tyler’s car has similar statistics, while both Max and Tyler’s cars both have a massive 5.7 L engine. Tyler’s car has 350 horsepower. This slightly beats Max’s car. With the same engine size horsepower would be the deciding factor in which car is superior.

If there wasn’t a law against it, there would definitely be a race between these two Snider speedsters.

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