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Our Snider Walkout: Poem by Jobe Lucio

Senior Jobe Lucio was one of the students who walked outside on March 14, in spite of Fort Wayne Community Schools mandating that students stay inside.

Neither Lucio nor any student outside by the flagpole on March 14 was punished.

Lucio was moved by the bravery of his fellow students who walked out and wrote a poem about his experience.

When I first stepped outside I was hit with

a freezing cold air

The wind pulled at my orange shirt

making waves in the cloth
We stood outside in silence

in this chilling cold

Cold like the world in its crazy climate

We still stood together

We gave each other warmth in the cold

Side by side with hand in hand

Something to keep the cold at bay

but the wind could still push us back
This changing wind taught me something

The cold and ruin gave me a lesson

We can be the change

with friends by our side

We can be the change

in our warmth and love together

Holding hands

We can be the change
And we are the change

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One thought on “Our Snider Walkout: Poem by Jobe Lucio

  1. I wrote this poem hours after the school walkout. Now, after over a year has passed since, and I’ve nearly completed my first semester in a poetry writing course, I can see some parts of this poem that I’d like to revise, or add to. But there’s something about how I wrote it in the stir of emotions that makes it genuine.
    If you’re reading this, please know that while this walkout was taking place, I got to have serious discussions with students and teachers about the issues with gun control. And these conversations were not arguments. They were serious discussions. Learn about other people’s stance, and listen. Give people the time to talk about their opinions, but provide your feedback and opinion as well. We cannot just argue. We have to listen.

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